Inspired by visual images outside of the preconceived notions of design, Tsutomu Kurokawa aims to produce work that is likewise unconventional and named his studio OUT.DeSIGN to reflect his strong conviction. OUT.DeSIGN believes that the energy of a space should be found in its design, which should be centered around human activity.

Tsutomu Kurokawa


Born in 1962 in Aichi Prefecture, Kurokawa acquired his design experience at the design firm Super Potato, directed by Takashi Sugimoto, where he worked from 1987 to 1992. His stint with the company ended when he and a partner designer set up H.Design Associates to play a major role in the new design movement happening in Japan. OUT.DeSIGN was established by Kurokawa in 2000 after the two designers parted ways to pursue individual careers. A reflection of his philosophy that design should convey a personal message to society, Kurokawa's work is independent of mainstream designs that are simply visual products to be consumed commercially.

Major spatial design projects include: 2004 ICI & Salon d'ici et la (Fragrance & Cosmetic shop)/ 2004 FITS Product Room (Office, Jingumae) / 2004 Pinceau(Boutique, Kobe)/ 2003 SUBSCRIBE(CD Shop, Fukuoka)/ 2003 CUSTO BARCELONA(Boutique, Aoyama)/ 2003 De Beers LV Exhibition (Exhibition, Ebisu Spazio) / 2002 Sage de cret(Boutique, Aoyama)/ 2002 JEANASIS(Boutique, Osaka)/ 2002 KOWLOON TENSHIN(Chinese Restaurant, Shinjuku)/ 2001 Adam et Rope(Boutique, Sendai)/ 2000 HOCQUY(Boutique, Daikanyama)/ 1999 UNDER COVER MEN'S(Boutique, Aoyama)/ 1997 NO CONCEPT BUT GOOD SENSE(Boutique, Jingumae).

Major product designs include: 2004 SOLIMS (Spotlight, DAIKO Electric) / 2003 FALOM (Chair, CASSINA IXC.) / 2001 Lenorat (LED light,waazwiz) / 2001 Papina (Chair, IDEE) / 2001 Qunte (Chair, waazwiz) / 2001 Maty (LED light, DAIKO Electric) / 2001 Kalfa (Chair, AIDEC) / 2000 Mapell (Chair, waazwiz) / 1998 Flow(Light, DAIKO Electric) / 1998 Quit(TV monitor stand) / 1997 Mille(Bookshelf) / 1996 902(Table) / 1996 TP (TV monitor stand).

School furniture design projects include: 1996 Miyagi Prefectural Iwadeyama Junior High School / 1998 Miyagi Prefectural Hakuo High School / 1999 Saitama University of Nursing and Welfare / 2004 Quatar Education City / 2004 Bridge, Arts & Science College

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Established December 28, 1999
Principal: Tsutomu Kurokawa